Our Favorite Gifts from 2018-2019 Season: Corporate / Custom Gifts

This past year, we have worked with wonderful clients and curated some of our favorite gifts to date. We’re grateful to do the work we do and are excited about what’s to come. To get you inspired for the most popular gifting season of the year (the holidays!) we wanted to share a roundup of our favorite custom gifts from this past year.

Bridgewater Bank

Bridgewater Bank takes pride in their strong relationships with entrepreneurs and small businesses across the region. With a new branch opening in St. Paul branch, Bridgewater wanted to celebrate and recognize neighbors and community members with a custom gift set. To drive home the pride in their new neighborhood, we curated this gift with all St. Paul-based makers.

IMG_1143 (1).jpg


In April 2019, the Men’s Final Four Championship came to Minneapolis, MN. Organized by the NCAA, the group wanted to thank and celebrate the leaders and coaches of each participating college. 


University of Minnesota - Carlson

Committed to engagement, imagination and unique experiences, U of MN-Carlson wanted to welcome students to the campus with a special gift that helped them feel inspired for the new year ahead. 


Halunen Law

Halunen Law was celebrating their 20 years of service in the industry and wanted to create a custom gift to send to partners who have supported them in their journey. 


Meet Minneapolis

A tourism company that knows every corner of Minneapolis like the back of their hand. Meet Minneapolis prides themselves on this unique place and wanted a gift to thank pr teams, media and journalists that came to visit. 



Large partners of the Final Four Basketball Championship, AT&T wanted to create MN centric gift sets for key clients flying into town. AT&T worked with an agency out of NYC to create curate the set and create these custom sticker seals in collab with our friend and designer Angel Bomb.


Minnesota Timberwolves

At the end of their season, The Minnesota Timberwolves wanted to send a gift to their sponsors to thank them for all their support throughout the year. 


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How To Thank Your Summer Host: Weekend Getaways, BBQs and more!

To us, summer means more time spent with friends, family and loved ones. Countless BBQs, weekend cabin trips, get togethers with pals, dinner parties, family outings and more; the list of summer socials is endless. It seems we all have a common consensus that in the summer, work can take a back seat for these special gatherings (okay maybe passenger seat with a phone on vibrate at the ready just in case).

And if you’re anything like us, you feel foolish if you come empty handed to a party. It’s common courtesy to bring something OR send a post-party thank you. But, depending upon the person and the event, it can be tricky knowing what to get.

As experts in gifting, we know a thing or two about when and what to bring or send. We’ve got gifts for all occasions, budgets, and people - see a few of our go-to giftables for all your summertime sociables below. 

Our go-to’s for impromptu gatherings like a backyard BBQ, couples dinner or girls night include the tangerine and olive candle from True Hue, a bottle of wine, or your signature dish you can’t wait to show off. Lately, I’ve been bringing this fried burrata and baguette dish from the Pretty Dish book mainly because it is oh so simple but gets me huge points. I was even asked by my brother’s friend if I was a chef! Fried cheese will do that ;)

For cabin weekends or bigger celebrations, sending a more thoughtful gift after the trip or event is a great way to show your gratitude to the hardworking host. Pro tip: a great way to send a high-quality, thoughtful gift without breaking the bank is to go in on the gift with siblings or pals also attending the event. Check out a few of our favorites below!

HOME - for the homebody, interior design expert, dinner party extraordinaire 


TREAT - for the foodie, adventurous eater, hot sauce lover


RUSTIC - for the hardcore Midwesterner, outdoor lover


PAMPER - for the hardworking host, mama of many


How do you treat your summer time hosts? Any creative ideas we should know about? Shoot us a message at hello@minnyandpaul.com!

Timberwolves Case Study



Minnesota Timberwolves


At the end of their season, The Minnesota Timberwolves wanted to send a gift to their sponsors to thank them for all their support throughout the year. Showing off their Minnesota pride, it was important to showcase brands from our great state and include 1-2 branded keepsake products. 


We first worked with the Timberwolves to develop a theme. We decided to give a nod to the classic accompaniments of any sporting event - beer and snacks. The Timberwolves provided a branded beer mug and we, the best Minnesota treats including Annie B’s caramel popcorn and caramels.

As for the vessel, we landed on the mini charcoal binny for it’s reusability and travel use. We knew many of the gift recipients were frequent travelers for work and the mini binny could be a great addition to their luggage supply.

Branded Collateral

To keep Timberwolves front of mind, we also included branded leather coasters from Leatherworks MN and a woodchuck bottle opener. That way, whenever gift recipients enjoyed a beer they would remember their friends from MN. A nice bonus, the Woodchuck bottle openers also serve as a reminder for the planet. This company plants a tree for every product purchased. 

It’s been great working with the Timberwolves on this project and we’re excited about our continued growth in the sports industry with teams / professional entities like the Vikings, NCAA, Mortensons Sports & Entertainment and more.

How To Make The Most Of Your Corporate Gifting Budget

When sending out gifts to your most valued clients, it’s key you nail the overall look and feel. Not only are you investing time and money into this project, but a stand out gift can be the reason a client continues to work with you year after year. 

We don’t all have expendable budgets but even a reasonable gifting budget can leave a substantial impression. Today we’re sharing our top 4 tips on how you can make the most of your corporate gifting budget. 

1) Forgo branded products

While some subtle branding can elevate the overall look of a gift, too much company swag can ruin an elegantly crafted gifting suite. If one branded product is pushing you over your budget, forgo the branding all together and go for a more clean look. If it’s necessary your company name appears somewhere inside of the gift, slip a small company card inside the packaging. Plus, branded company collateral typically can be easily sourced in house or may already be designed and ready for use from past projects. 

Coffee Crate - Minny & Paul

2) Less is more

Some clients feel the need to jam pack their gifts with product, stuck on the idea that a full gift set looks more luxurious than a simpler gift with a couple high quality goods. We recommend less is more when working with artisan small batch goods. Stick to a few high quality products and one to two consumables and your gift recipient will be just as impressed. This way they will actually keep the gift and remember you fondly when they use the products. 


3) Order in bulk

With any sort of custom gifting at Minny & Paul, we usually require a minimum of 12 gifts ordered. This is generally to save on bulk product ordering. If you know you’ll need gifts throughout the year (events, client thank yous, anniversaries, holidays, etc), it’s best to order all at once rather than multiple times throughout the year. Not only will this save you time in the long run, but you’ll save money on products by ordering a larger amount all at once and hitting tiered discounts. 

Terroirchocolates Minny & Paul

4) Provide your own card or in house design 

If your team has an in house designer, we recommend utilizing their services for branded cards or for designing files for custom products. Not only will they know the exact colors, specs and font needed to fit your brand but you can also save money rather than be charged an outside fee. 

Here at Minny & Paul, it’s our goal to design a gift that’s high impact, high quality, showcases your unique brand and respects your budget. With these tips + our gifting expertise, we can help you deliver a memorable experience for the people who help your business thrive.