How to make client gifting more thoughtful, unique and less work for you

After hours of collaboration, team meetings, and countless email threads, you’ve just wrapped a huge project with a really important client. Everything went off without a hitch and the end result was better than you could have imagined. To top it all off, the client just gave you a glowing review and hinted at future business with your company.

These types of clients are the reason you work as hard as you do. They help your business thrive. And while your work ethic, genuine character, and likeability are probably a large reason they chose you in the first place, to help improve your chances of their return, it’s important you go above and beyond to show your appreciation.

But how can you say “thank you” and represent your brand without spending hours upon hours curating a gift? How can you choose a gift that delights the customer yet subtly reminds them of your company?

Branded coasters for  The Hewing Hotel

Branded coasters for The Hewing Hotel

To help you in your efforts, we are sharing our expertise in client gifting so that you can impress, delight and strengthen your client relationships.


Ditch the boring, company-branded swag

Long gone are the days of boring branded swag. Think about it - when’s the last time you actually used that branded mouse pad (do people still use mouse pads?), USB stick, or 1 inch sticky pad cut out in your company's oddly shaped logo (wait, did anyone try to actually write on that)? Probably never. These old, outdated strategies simply don’t work because they lack personalization and fail to represent your brand in an authentic way.

We do recommend branding some of your gifted items as long as it’s done in a tasteful way. Stay in front of your audience by subtly displaying your logo or adding a small insert about your company to your gift. Check out a few examples below. 


Screenprinted lids for a collaboration between Minny & Paul x Squarespace

Screenprinted lids for a collaboration between Minny & Paul x Squarespace

Customized stickers for  KNOCK , a local creative agency

Customized stickers for KNOCK, a local creative agency

You already know your clients - how can a specific gift delight or inspire sharing?

Client gifting doesn’t have to be boring or challenging. It really comes down to understanding your clients and how a particular gift can delight, go above and beyond their expectations, and establish them as a lifelong customer.

Take time to reflect back on your time with the client. Were there specific moments that stood out to you? Project milestones are memorable but it’s the personal connections throughout the process that solidify relationships and drive repeat customers.

Maybe the project manager had a baby during your time together or the primary account coordinator celebrated a birthday or you vaguely remember the company VP expressing their love for a local chocolate company - when we take time to remember those experiences and use them when choosing a gift, the gifting process will be more meaningful for both you and the client.

Not only will a gift inspired by emotional connections and company values delight your customers but it could also inspire them to share your company services with professional connections, potentially expanding your network.


Free advertising: How one small gift can go viral

We’ve all seen it before. A company sends out a unique gift or even just a handwritten note, and the client was so moved, they share it across all their social channels. Before you know it, their post has gone viral, giving that particular brand immense exposure and essentially free advertising.


If you’re going to invest, invest wisely

If you’re going to invest company dollars in gifting, opt for a gift that leaves a lasting impression on your key clients. A gift that’s thoughtful, unique, and drives customer loyalty. Instead of getting overwhelmed in the curation process, reflect on the memorable moments you had with your clients. Utilize what you already know about their company, their needs, and their brand. Paired with their personalities and you’ve got a gift that will hopefully ensure loyalty for years to come.

Here at Minny & Paul, we’ve helped numerous businesses delight and impress key clients with our thoughtful, curated gifting. Need a memorable way to say thank you? Get in touch today.