30 Best Minnesota Vendors for Your Hotel Wedding Welcome Bags

Minny & Paul Tote Bag


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During the hustle and bustle of planning your wedding, your hotel welcome bags can sometimes fall to on the back burner. But with a little bit of preparation and some help from local experts (like us!), curating a welcome bag that delights, surprises and engages your guests doesn't have to be stressful. When done right, a welcome bag can be a perfect way to show guests your appreciation and kick off the weekend of festivities. 

What type of items would your guests enjoy?

To get started on what to include, think about the type of guests that are attending your wedding. It's likely that many people have traveled at least 30 minutes by car or even by plane to attend your big day so include items that can help them settle in and relax. Think a salty snack, perhaps a healthy granola bar, a sweet treat and a mini alcoholic beverage. 

The Day After... 

If you're really thinking ahead, you can also provide your guests with a few items to help them get on the next day. After a long night of celebrating, your friends and family may need a pick me up. Include a mini cold brew coffee, a calming essential oil spray or perhaps a map to the nearest coffee shop!

How to Pick the Best Vendors

There are so many options, but how do you choose your vendors? How can you wow your guests, stay on budget and show off the best of MN? 

Well, besides curating and crafting gift boxes, it's our job to know this stuff. To help you in your efforts, here's a list of our top 30 Minnesota made products to make your welcome bags surprising, delightful, and better than ever.

Don't have time to assemble, pack and drop at the hotel? Email us at hello@minnyandpaul.com and let us take care of the rest (*we require a $25/bag minimum on hotel bags)! 


30 Best Minnesota Vendors for Your Hotel Wedding Welcome Bags

1. Thumb's Peanut Butter Cookies

2. Annie B's Triple Treat Popcorn

3. Isadore Nuts - Minny & Paul Blend

4. Maddy and Maize Avocado Oil and Pink Himalayan Salt Popcorn

5. Spruce Soda Sparkling Water

6. Northstar Kombucha 

7. Mademoiselle Miel Dark Chocolate 

8. Bare Vanilla Bean Honey Spread 

9. WholeMe Granola Clusters

10. Ommie Fruit and Seed Energy Bar 


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