How To Make The Most Of Your Corporate Gifting Budget

When sending out gifts to your most valued clients, it’s key you nail the overall look and feel. Not only are you investing time and money into this project, but a stand out gift can be the reason a client continues to work with you year after year. 

We don’t all have expendable budgets but even a reasonable gifting budget can leave a substantial impression. Today we’re sharing our top 4 tips on how you can make the most of your corporate gifting budget. 

1) Forgo branded products

While some subtle branding can elevate the overall look of a gift, too much company swag can ruin an elegantly crafted gifting suite. If one branded product is pushing you over your budget, forgo the branding all together and go for a more clean look. If it’s necessary your company name appears somewhere inside of the gift, slip a small company card inside the packaging. Plus, branded company collateral typically can be easily sourced in house or may already be designed and ready for use from past projects. 

Coffee Crate - Minny & Paul

2) Less is more

Some clients feel the need to jam pack their gifts with product, stuck on the idea that a full gift set looks more luxurious than a simpler gift with a couple high quality goods. We recommend less is more when working with artisan small batch goods. Stick to a few high quality products and one to two consumables and your gift recipient will be just as impressed. This way they will actually keep the gift and remember you fondly when they use the products. 


3) Order in bulk

With any sort of custom gifting at Minny & Paul, we usually require a minimum of 12 gifts ordered. This is generally to save on bulk product ordering. If you know you’ll need gifts throughout the year (events, client thank yous, anniversaries, holidays, etc), it’s best to order all at once rather than multiple times throughout the year. Not only will this save you time in the long run, but you’ll save money on products by ordering a larger amount all at once and hitting tiered discounts. 

Terroirchocolates Minny & Paul

4) Provide your own card or in house design 

If your team has an in house designer, we recommend utilizing their services for branded cards or for designing files for custom products. Not only will they know the exact colors, specs and font needed to fit your brand but you can also save money rather than be charged an outside fee. 

Here at Minny & Paul, it’s our goal to design a gift that’s high impact, high quality, showcases your unique brand and respects your budget. With these tips + our gifting expertise, we can help you deliver a memorable experience for the people who help your business thrive.