FRIDAY5: Fav Podcacts, Productivity App and Charcoal Face Bar We're Loving

Welcome to a new mini round up on the M&P blog! Each week (ish) a member of our team will be sharing five things we’re currently talking about, listening to, places we’re hanging out at or random happenings at M&P. Anything from business, to our favorite new restaurants, products we’re loving (in and out of the studio) or just what we’re up to that week that may inspire (or entertain) you! This new content piece was inspired by a few of our favorites in the creative space: CreativeMornings “fun stuff to click on” portion of their newsletter, Studio Mcgee’s Sunday 7, and Tim Ferris’ 5-Bullet Friday. Let’s dive in!


1) With Labor Day weekend on the horizon, vacation jitters are setting in. Focused, productive work? Kiiind of out the window. To finish up for the week without picking up my phone every 5 minutes to check Insta or quickly return a text, I downloaded a new productivity app called Forest. Essentially, you set the amount of time you’d like to work without being interrupted and the longer you leave the app open the more trees grow, the bigger your forest gets and the more points you acquire! I didn’t think gameifying productivity would work for me but I’d say it’s worth the $2.


2) Been hooked on two podcasts lately: Conan O’ Brien Needs A Friend and Caliphate. Highly recommend both. Side note: if you like Conan, watch his show Conan Without Borders - it’s on Netflix!


Image Credit: TEAM COCO Image Credit: New York Times


3) We’re launching a new feature on the website in a few weeks (keep your eyes peeled) and one of my fav new local products to join our collection is the Essence One Charcoal Bar.

Image Credit:  Essence One

Image Credit: Essence One


4) Is anyone else ready for fall? I love MN summers (A LOT) but there’s something about the change of seasons, the structure that comes with autumn and the excuse to stay in and be cozy with your loved ones. Also I’m dying to wear our studio slippers again. Literally sleeping bags on your feet.


5) We released our 2019 corporate catalog last week and I love all the customization features it offers.