Lady Boss: gratitude to your work wife

Photos by BethCath

Whether you’ve just nailed that big promotion, are on the path to entrepreneurship, a working mama or climbing the corporate ladder, you deserve something special. Lady Boss was created to help you on your way, packed with work day essentials like a desktop notepad, dry shampoo, yummy chocolate and a spirit rock to keep your vibes fresh and sunny.

Send to your work wife that just got a promotion, a friend who finally landed that big job, or buy it for yourself because after a long week of hard work, treat yourself!

This gift set exclusively features all women owned business and we’re proud of it. Not only are their products tried and true, but as a team, we really admire them as people. In addition to the product round up, we’ve included some words of wisdom from these powerful women. Check it out below.


Spirit Rock, @amano

These miniature clay sculptures can live on your desk or nightstand - to decorate a space or simply bring a smile to your face. We love using it as a ring rest!

What do you do when you're feeling stuck or in a creative rut? 

“In the past I've tried to bludgeon my way through creative ruts and I've found that doing that in ceramics yields unfortunate results. These days I tend to sit more comfortably in the less inspired moments and I pick up other "making" endeavors like sewing and knitting. Usually this allows my mind and spirit to quiet and I can come back to ceramics with a fresh perspective. Plus, I'm still productive, even if it's in a different way.

How has being a female maker empowered you? 

It's wonderful being part of a local and more global community that is made up of so many female and non-binary makers. It makes me feel like there's nothing I can't do. For the future of the maker/arts scene in the Twin Cities and beyond I'd love to see more makers of color and indigenous backgrounds being welcomed and celebrated in our community.


Lavender & Clary Sage Hair Powder, @lulu_organics

Dry shampoo has been a lifesaver for us over at M&P during those extra busy weeks. Simply add a bit to your roots and massage in with your hands or a dry washcloth or small towel for a fresh do every time.

What's your mantra or a quote that gets you excited to work / create?

'You got this!' I rarely set out to achieve a goal without the confidence that I can get it done. I love solving problems!

How has being a female maker empowered you? 

Being a maker and a small business owner has definitely taught me that challenges seem bigger in your brain than in real life. Even emotional ones. If you simply try to tackle something you most likely will succeed. 


Desktop Notepad, @witandelight

A new essential for your work desk - jot down to-dos, creative day dreams or doodles for your next big project.

What do you do when you’re feeling stuck or in a creative rut?

When I feel tired and uninspired I try something I've never done before. I'll turn to hobbies like painting, learning the guitar, and yoga! 

Understanding how important it is to have a passion outside of work is incredibly empowering for building the confidence you need to push into new territories and expand your business. 


The Balance Bar, @cosmiccacaompls

Made with lavender, cacao and maca root, the flavors and energies of this bar are relaxing and uplifting. Great as an after dinner sweet treat or mid day snack. Share with your co-workers and we guarantee you’ll be the most popular person in the office.

What do you do when you're feeling stuck or in a creative rut?

When I’m in a creative rut it’s usually related to overthinking and too many expectations to produce. Basically I’m getting in my own way. When that happens I try to calm my mind and allow the flow. I do this with a variety of tools I’ve acquired over the years -dancing, cooking, meditation, yoga, walks in nature, cbd, wine with friends. Basically forcing myself to let go, enjoy the moment whether I’m producing or not, and chill out. The creativity always comes back when the space is created.

How has being a female maker empowered you? 

Being a woman in general is empowering, women are tough, resilient, and all around amazing! I mean I birthed 2 babies. Knowing I can do that, I can do anything.