new m&P website feature: The SWAP

What is the SWAP?

The SWAP is a new customization feature we have added to our online shop. The Swap will let you mix and match one goodie for another within a gift set. We’ll still curate the gift set, but you’ll get to choose one product to make the gift complete.

Why are we doing it?

You asked, we listened! Over the past few years, our customers have asked for the option to personalize gifts. This is our first step in the customization process. We hope to continue building out this tool in the future!

What is it exactly? Break it down to me how it works: 

Each of our gift sets will have a predetermined swap product for you to select. You can decide to keep the gift as is or opt to SWAP for a new product of the same value. For example: the BFF gift set (shown in the image below) comes with a floral neck scarf. Not your jam? Swap it out for our other pre-selected local product, the waffle turkish towel in taupe.

When you are on the SHOP page you will now see a small ‘SWAP’ icon on most gift sets. This will indicate that the gift you are interested in has the option to SWAP. Once you click on the set, you will see the SWAP choice. You then decide if you want to keep the gift set as is or SWAP for the new product. You will see your order summarized at checkout before purchase so you can do a final once over.

Watch the video below to see the SWAP in action!

How many items can I SWAP?

Each gift set will have 1 SWAP option. We may expand this in the future to add in holiday/seasonal items so there are more than 1 option to SWAP in. 

Does every gift have the SWAP feature? 

No, our collaborations (Woof x Lucy & Co, Refresh x Wit & Delight) do not have the SWAP option. We also do not offer it with our luxury crates.

We want your feedback! If you have questions or comments about this new website feature, please reach out to us at with SWAP in the subject.