Corporate Gifts

Timberwolves Case Study



Minnesota Timberwolves


At the end of their season, The Minnesota Timberwolves wanted to send a gift to their sponsors to thank them for all their support throughout the year. Showing off their Minnesota pride, it was important to showcase brands from our great state and include 1-2 branded keepsake products. 


We first worked with the Timberwolves to develop a theme. We decided to give a nod to the classic accompaniments of any sporting event - beer and snacks. The Timberwolves provided a branded beer mug and we, the best Minnesota treats including Annie B’s caramel popcorn and caramels.

As for the vessel, we landed on the mini charcoal binny for it’s reusability and travel use. We knew many of the gift recipients were frequent travelers for work and the mini binny could be a great addition to their luggage supply.

Branded Collateral

To keep Timberwolves front of mind, we also included branded leather coasters from Leatherworks MN and a woodchuck bottle opener. That way, whenever gift recipients enjoyed a beer they would remember their friends from MN. A nice bonus, the Woodchuck bottle openers also serve as a reminder for the planet. This company plants a tree for every product purchased. 

It’s been great working with the Timberwolves on this project and we’re excited about our continued growth in the sports industry with teams / professional entities like the Vikings, NCAA, Mortensons Sports & Entertainment and more.

Halunen Law Case Study


Custom gifting is a large part of our business here at Minny & Paul. And although many choose to do their client gifts within the holiday season, we encourage businesses to send gifts outside of the November-December rush.

Read on to see how we worked with local law firm, Halunen, to curate high impact gifts for their partners.

Custom Branded Crate, Insert and Bottle Opener


Halunen Law


Halunen Law was celebrating their 20th years of service in the industry and wanted to create a custom gift to send to partners who have supported them in their journey. With a strong presence in the Twin Cities, it was important to include products that helped tell the story of our state.


Halunen decided to create three different gifting tiers - all unique to the client receiving the gift. The third tier was especially unique. Forgoing the normal box, binny or crate, we used a Duluth Pack Scout Pack as our vessel, carefully packaging the goods inside the bag. This level really hit the marks with recipients.

Our team first worked with Halunen to determine a specific theme. Considering their brand, one that is historic, tenacious and well respected in the community, we landed on a mix of rustic elegance while also keeping it fun and engaging for the recipient. Inspired by our Meat & Cheese gift set from our Corporate Catalog, we mixed the elevated tradition of ‘meat and cheese’ with rustic products like a Woodchuck bottle opener and a Duluth Pack. We started with three staple items - a branded bottle opener, salami and a cutting board. From there, we built out the gift tiers to include shareable food items like nuts, caramels and cookies.

Branded Collateral:

To help keep Halunen top of mind, we co-branded the wooden crate, bottle opener and included a customized insert that detailed the contents of the gift set with a special message from the firm. We also incorporated one of Halunen brand colors, in the form of satin bows to really tie the gift together.


“Our firm was considering a gift option that looked more full and jam packed with random food wrapped in cellophane. I advocated for Minny & Paul because it’s products our clients will actually use and appreciate instead of get lost in the mix or be thrown out. Minny & Paul tells a story and works with local brands which we absolutely love. Going with Minny & Paul has already paid off big time with referrals and the impact it made on our clients.”

- Kerry D’Amato, Halunen Law