October 02, 2018

How to Navigate Corporate Gifting - 4 Questions to Get You Started

Planning your corporate gifts can seem overwhelming, time consuming and you may be asking yourself - “is it even worth it?” In this post, we’ll break down gifting into 4 simple questions that will not only help get you started, but also prove the ROI in gifting. Let’s jump in!

In this quick post, we’ll review:

  • How much to spend on your corporate gifts

  • How many gifts to send

  • What type of themes / products to feature in your gift

  • How to plan ahead


Assessing what’s realistically in your budget is a great place to start. How much do you want to spend on your clients? Do you want to set a budget per gift or an “all-in”? It can be helpful to set tiers as well - i.e. allocate a larger budget for the premier clients and a moderate budget for smaller clients. This is the framework to start building your gifts. Make sure to consider things like shipping cost vs time for hand delivery.

Even if you’re starting with a rough estimate, knowing what you’re working with can help us determine what types of products we can include in your proposal.



Whether you want to send 30 gifts or 300, we can accommodate all kinds of budgets and volumes at Minny & Paul.

If you’re not certain how many gifts to send, compile a list of all of your clients in a spreadsheet. Since you are already taking the time to do this, you might as well gather their addresses during this stage. Categorize each client by impact on your business and their potential future relationship with your company. Prioritize the ones who are contributing to your success.


Now that we’ve set your budget and quantity, it’s time to think about your theme. Deciding on what to feature in your gift set can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Before you get set on a specific product, we reccomend determining a theme. Will you send all food? Mostly products? Go for a rustic vibe, feminine or monochromatic?

After you’ve determine the look and feel, it’s time to choose the items we’ll feature inside your gift. We often refer clients to our online shop or corporate catalog to call out products they are drawn to. Once we know a few products you like, we can start to curate a proposal featuring those items and suggest others that will pair well.

If you are the type that prefers to simply say - here’s our budget - you take the wheel! We love crafting projects from scratch and will curate options for you after getting to know the needs of your particular project.


Typically, we can deliver gifts two weeks after contracts are signed. Look ahead on your calendar - are there any important dates coming up when sending a gift would be appropriate? Client milestones? Birthdays? Holidays? Closings? If so, plan ahead knowing it may take a bit for your entire team to get on board and for us to curate and deliver unique and impactful gifts.



Spending money on something other than internal necessities can feel nerve racking. But, when done right, the return on investment can be huge. Delivering a memorable gift to your client can establish an emotional connection to that moment and help keep your company top of mind when they’re in need of your services in the future. Sending an unexpected dose of gratitude goes a long with your valued clients.


Sending gifts to your valued clients doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Ask yourself these questions up front, determining the best fit, and let us do the rest.