May 05, 2019

Refresh x Wit & Delight got a new look!

Let’s rewind to the summer of 2016 when Minny & Paul was simply an idea. It didn’t even have a name but it was definitely keeping me up at night. I started talking about it to anyone who would listen. One of the first conversations I had was with two local talented creatives. I remember emphatically saying how cool it would be to get other people in the community involved too. Like Kate Arends! She was about to have her first baby right around that time and I vividly remember thinking about how perfect she would be to guest curate a Mother’s Day gift. I remember the sweet replies, “yeah...I mean, maybe!” Kate Arends, with over 3 million followers on Pinterest, over 300k on Instagram and an extremely respectable brand in the creative community. Collaborating with us? So pie in the sky at the time…


Fast forward to May of 2017, and we were toasting to Kate and her awesome team on the launch of our first Refresh gift set. I awkwardly tried to put to words what I was feeling. I let them know this was a moment I will remember and that so many entrepreneurs don’t take the time to feel proud but I’m really going to try. This was something I envisioned before we sold a single box at Minny & Paul. And now we’re here again and I’m feeling very grateful.


This is an image from our first photoshoot with the OG Refresh x Wit & Delight. The curation process back in 2017 took many iterations and a lot of sampling.


After finding that a few of our Refresh vendors had closed up shop or moved out of the Twin Cities, we knew it was time to update and ‘refresh’ our Refresh collaboration. On top of that, Kate started creating beautiful illustrations and we knew we needed to add that into the mix.


Refresh Round Two:

This time around we were seasoned pros and knew exactly what we wanted to include. We sourced a variety of products for Kate within the theme and we let the sampling and testing begin. Here’s what we landed on:


Naturally Dyed Goods : Silk Hair Ribbon

For all the days we don’t have time to do our hair but still need to look presentable and feel beautiful. We love how the silk ribbon can be removed and added to any hair tie of choice. Naturally hand dyed using hibiscus and madder root by maker and owner Mykala Micek.


Howard Soap Co. : Himalayan Bath Salts + Chamomile Noir Candle, 8oz

Maker Kathrine Howard has been making soap since 2008. She has expanded her line into candles, lotions and bath salts. It will be hard to pour this beautiful creation into the tub but it will be well worth it. Made with pure lavender essential oil. Added dried botanicals of rose and lavender buds for a luxurious ritual bath.


Kathrine’s candles are handcrafted from scratch in small batches. This scent is one you will keep coming back to with a soft blend of coconut water, black tea leaves, wild lily and tonka bean.


Terroir : Café Au Lait Chocolate

From Fergus Falls, MN, Terroir is an organic bean-to-bar chocolate company producing some of the most unique flavors on the market. Locally, fresh roasted Stumbeano's coffee is ground right into the smooth Café au Lait 60% Dark Milk Chocolate bar.


Wit & Delight : Illustration print *exclusive to M&P

We like to think of this print as embodying the best version of who we all can be; free, full of life without fear of judgement from others as we dance totally comfortable in our own skin.


Byrd & belle Binny:

Kate got her first binny last year and loves the function and usability so much that she wanted to offer this set exclusively in a binny. Our canvas bins are handcrafted here in Northeast by byrd & belle and will be your new go to for beautiful storage.

There you have it. The gift set of our dreams, and hopefully yours too. We hope you love it and send Refresh x Wit & Delight off to someone who really deserves some ‘me time.’ We have released it in time for Mother’s Day but this set is too good to let go, it will be a staple in the shop and will be here long after the holiday.