February 18, 2020

How to incorporate your brand into your corporate gifting Suite

Tastefully incorporating your brand into your corporate gifting suite can be a tricky task. Too much and it’s evident the gift is less about the recipient and more about you. Too little and your brand is lost and forgotten. And while the gift should be mostly (if not all) about the recipient, if you’re spending your marketing dollars on high-end gifts, do not miss out on the opportunity to add in branded touches that will continue to remind your customers of the positive relationship you have built together. So what are the guidelines for artfully branded gifts?

1. Know Your Audience

Gifting to a group of C-suite men? Artsy creatives? Lifestyle bloggers? Understanding the type of products these audiences would jive with is an essential first step. While a creative may appreciate a branded colorful sock, the more structured corporate CEO may lean more towards a logo-ed leather good. Along those lines, a multi-colored bright gifting suite may be more suitable for a lifestyle brand whereas dark, masculine colors work best for say a wealth management firm. Once you’ve nailed this first step, the design process becomes a whole lot easier.

2. Utilize Your Designers

Some of the best branded gifting suites we’ve seen are artfully created by in house designers. Rather than simply slapping your logo on a product or vessel, elevate your company’s brand with artistry and flair. For example, Davis Commercial Real Estate opted for a festive flair on their 2019 holiday gifts by employing a in-house designer. They created a unique card, branded cookie wrap, and an original tissue design. The original Davis logo was still present and recognizable but complained by a fresh, celebratory design, the gift became all the more memorable.

By utilizing designers who could elevate the brand through artistry rather than the average overuse in brand colors and logos, Davis was able to create a standout gift that truly wowed recipients.

3. Unique Product Offerings

When it comes to branded swag, we’ve all seen the conventional notepads, pens, and useless tchotchke that more often than not end up in the trash. When deciding what to spend your dollars on, think about products your recipients will actually use or choose to display. We’ve seen the run of the gamete when it comes to branded goods and time and time again, the products that stick around are high quality, staple items. Think leather coasters, bottle openers, wine glasses, thick nice journals, candles, etc. M&P tips: when you do choose to brand these goods, think subtle. Don’t blast your brand all over but add a small version of your logo in the corner for the recipient / client to remember you by.

4. Color Scheme and Tone

Another way to think about brand in your suite is color scheme and tone. Utilize your brand guidelines when designing your gift and think about how you can feature your primary and secondary colors. How does the overall tone and feel of the gift represent your brand? For example, although the NCAA (featured below) decided not to feature their primary blue color, the tone of their gift was celebratory and inviting. Each gift included branded mugs, snacks, a candle, and a face essentials pack so recipients felt fresh and renewed upon their arrival.

Interested in your own branded suite?

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