March 18, 2022

5 Hacks for Great Gifts

Creating the perfect gift is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be a struggle. Finding the perfect items that convey the perfect message can be a daunting task all alone. We're here to make it easy. Here are 5 hacks that will guide you to crafting the perfect gift without all the pressure.

1. Pick a theme

It sounds obvious, but this is an important first step. Picking a theme helps you narrow your focus and prevent from feeling overwhelmed. If it's your Gal Pal's birthday, ask yourself whether you want to go the more traditional celebratory route with some Confetti, gift them self-care items that will make them Glow or perhaps an addicting hot sauce as the perfect Treat. Do ya see what we did there? ;) 

2. Match flavors

If you're gifting to a foodie, make sure all the flavors compliment each other. Mix it up with both Sweet & Spicy or go with Chef's Choice essentials. Your food theme can even encompass the type of food you are gifting, like breakfast mainstays that serve cozy Weekend Vibes.

3. Coordinate colors

Coordinating colors is another great way to narrow your focus and increase creativity. You can do this two different ways. You can either coordinate colors to a central product or choose a color theme from the onset. For example, if you have already found one product you love, like a candle, make things easy by finding other products that match its color scheme. Is your candle blue with yellow polka dots? Try adding a yellow packaged tea and a blue matchbook. The other option is to pick a color theme from the get go. Would your recipient prefer a gift that screams Sunshine with bright colors or a more muted theme with Calm colors? 

4. Gift from the heart

Gifts from small businesses and an artisans' hands just feel different. When you and your giftee know that the products you bought are helping small businesses and communities grow, it makes the products mean more. For example, Mother & Mai (founder Monique shown above) not only creates beautiful handmade candles, but a portion of sales supports parents who need help paying for childcare. Our Sweet & Spicy gift features their Lavender Hill 10oz candle. If you're aiming for the glowing feeling you get from the perfect gift, supporting a small business is an easy (and meaningful) way to get there.

5. Consult an Expert

We all need experts! Going to a gift designer for gifts is the same as going to a mechanic for an oil change or a florist for a bouquet. Consulting an expert not only saves time, it also provides peace of mind. Since you are going to an expert, you know it will be done right. Throughout this post you’ve seen links to gifts that match various themes, flavors, and colors. Here at Minny & Paul, we handle the packing, wrapping, and shipping too. You can see our full selection of expertly designed gifts here. If you have a large number of gifts to give, you can find out about our business gifting here.