June 03, 2022

What Do I Write in My Gift Message?

After hours of searching, you finally found the perfect gift. But now you're stumped! What should you write on the all-important card? Stale, printed, one-size-fits-all thank you notes can get lost in the business world. We recommend handwritten messages or adding some kind of personal touch to your thank you messages so your recipient will truly feel appreciated. A personalized message can be hard to come up with, especially after you've drained your creative juices just finding the gift. We're here to help!

See below for our curated list of thoughtful gift messages designed to accompany and compliment any gift.

Messages for Your Boss:

Show commitment to your company and appreciation for your boss with these one-liners perfect for any thank you note.

  • Please accept this gift as a small token of my/our appreciation.

  • Thank you for your guidance over the years.

  • In honor of your leadership and outstanding service to our company, we would like to thank you.

  • I am immensely grateful for your mentorship and guidance over the years.

  • Thank you for your continued encouragement and valuable insights.

Retirement Card Messages

Retirement is cause for celebration. Let your recipient know you're excited for them as they step out into a brave new world. Whether you are sending congratulations to your boss, client, or friend, these messages below are a great place to start.

  • Best wishes, now the fun starts!

  • Enjoy your retirement. You've earned it.

  • Goodbye, time clock! Hello, world!

  • You deserve it. Happy retirement!

  • Happy retirement. We'll miss you!

  • May you enjoy a long and wonderful retirement.

Employee Messages

Help your employees feel appreciated. Whether you've had a successful quarter or year, it's essential to encourage your employees to keep up the excellent work. Here's a list of thoughtful messages that will make any employee feel appreciated.

  • We appreciate your hard work and dedication this year/quarter.

  • We at [Company Name] value the immense contribution our employees have made to the success of our company.

  • Your teamwork and dedication are an integral part of our company's success.

  • You are a valued member of our team and an integral part of our success.

Client Messages

Client gift messages have the power to entice return business by letting your clients know they are valued. We recommend sending a handwritten note whenever possible, especially with client gifts. Here are our client gift message recommendations:

  • Thanks for being a loyal, long-term customer/client!

  • We enjoy working with you and appreciate being a part of your success team.

  • You are a valued client, and we're thankful for your business.

  • Thank you for choosing to partner with us on your latest project. Please accept this token of our gratitude!

  • We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.

Customer Appreciation Messages

Thanking loyal customers is a must! Customer satisfaction is equivalent to business success. If you want to stand out in business, it's important to take the time to thank both new and returning customers, but especially new customers. You know what they say, appreciated customers make the best customers! Whether you send your message during the holiday season, the end of the year, or just because, thanking customers for buying your products and services is a great way to entice return business. Here are some customer thank you message ideas to get you started:

  • You are one of our most loyal customers, and we appreciate your business! Please accept this gift as a token of our gratitude.

  • Dear (insert name), you are a valued customer, and your business means the world to us! Thank you for choosing us as your service provider.

  • Our customers mean the world to us! We consider you a part of our family, and it is a pleasure serving you.

Thank You Messages

Whether you're thanking a loyal customer, expressing gratitude for exceptional service, or rewarding your employees, a personalized thank you note is a heartfelt addition to any gift. Below are some one-liners that are perfect to include in your gift message. They range from the generic to the specific.

  • Thank you for being my biggest supporter. I couldn't do it without you.

  • I am so grateful for all you do, and I can't thank you enough.

  • Thanks for your patience, your loving words, your kindness, your friendship

  • I'll never forget your kindness.

  • Thanks for being there with open arms when I needed you most. Thanks for being my friend!

Congratulatory Messages:

Congratulatory messages can be simple and straightforward. Whether you are celebrating a promotion, graduation, or another outstanding accomplishment, we recommend a simple, heartfelt message. Here are a couple of one-liners that are perfect alongside any congratulatory gift:

  • Congratulations! Glad to hear the good news!

  • You did it! Congratulations!

  • There's no stopping you now. Congratulations!

Sympathy Messages

How do you express your heartfelt condolences? We know sympathy cards can be hard to write. We are here to tell you that you do not need to fear you will upset or offend the person who will receive your sympathy card or gift. The person you are thinking of will likely just be happy that you're holding them in your thoughts. That said, we recommend avoiding phrases like "I know what you are going through." Grief is a unique experience for everyone, and when it's generalized, it can come across as minimizing your recipient's suffering and pain. Below you'll find a selection a list of suitable choices for your sympathy message:

  • Please accept this gift and hear the words we are not able to speak.

  • I want you to know that I am here for you at this time of grieving

  • Thinking of you in these difficult times

  • Please know our loving thoughts embrace you

  • Our deepest sympathies during your time of loss. Please know that we are here for you.

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We are sorry for your loss.

  • In loving memory of [NAME], they will be missed dearly.

  • Please accept our condolences on the loss of your [X].

  • Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. From all your friends at [BUSINESS NAME]

  • [NAME] will always be in our hearts and memories. With Sympathy, [YOUR NAME]

Holiday Card Messages

There are many holidays celebrated at the end of the year! Below you will find generic holiday season messages as well as messages tailored for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or the New Year.

  • May your holiday season be bright.

  • Have a holly, jolly Holiday!

  • Joy to you and yours this Holiday!

  • [Hanukkah] May the Festival of Lights lend a glow to your year.

  • Wishing you prosperity in business, peace in your life, and happiness in your home.

  • [New Year] Cheers to the new year!

  • [Kwanzaa] Sending warm wishes for a joyful Kwanzaa!

  • [Christmas] Sending you Christmas cheer that lasts throughout the year!

Birthday Messages

Everyone deserves a big celebration for making it another trip around the sun! Birthday messages should convey unbridled celebration. Here are some simple message ideas that will convey your sincerest birthday wishes:

  • Hope your birthday's as terrific as you are.

  • May all your birthday wishes come true!

  • It's your day to shine!

  • Like a fine wine, you improve with age.

  • Here's a toast to you on your 21st birthday! Cheers!

  • Warm wishes on your [insert birthday number] birthday.

  • Lots of love on your [insert birthday number] birthday.

  • You get better with every year. Happy [insert birthday number] birthday!

  • Happy 60th birthday. You're an inspiration to all of us.

New Baby Welcome Message

Congratulate your recipient on their new bundle of joy! If you're looking for the perfect way to say congratulations, we have just the messages to help you convey your excitement to the happy parent(s).

  • Congratulations on the birth of your new baby [BOY/GIRL]

  • A star is born. Congratulations!

  •  Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

  • Wishing your family a happy and healthy life together.

  • A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

  • Welcome to the word [Baby Name]. Congratulations [Family last name]! We can't wait to meet your new bundle - sending lots of love and hopefully some sleep your way!

Father's Day/Mother's Day/Grandparent's Day Card Ideas

When it comes to Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Grandparent's Day, it's best to write something personal. We recommend including a memory alongside any of the prompts you find below.

  • Your love and wisdom have always helped guide me.

  • On [MOTHER'S/FATHER'S/GRANDPARENT'S] Day and every day, I hope you know how much you're loved.

  • Thank you for your encouragement and support always.


  • To the world's greatest [DAD/MOM/GRANDMA].

  • To the best [DAD/MOM/GRANDMA] in the whole world.

  • Thanks [DAD/MOM] for always being there.

  • You make the world a more beautiful place.

  • [DAD/MOM/GRANDMA] you are my inspiration.

  • No matter the distance between our homes, the distance between our hearts will never change.

  •  May the joy and love you give away return to you this [MOTHER'S/FATHER'S/GRANDPARENTS] Day!

Housewarming Messages

Moving into a new home is a big deal! Sending a housewarming gift is an incredibly thoughtful way to help your recipient's house turn into a home. Choose a message that concisely states your good wishes for them in their new space.

  • May happiness & love move in with you.

  • May you and your family enjoy years of happy times in your new home.

  • There's no place like home! Congratulations.

  • Congratulations! I hope your new home is filled with joy, laughter, and warmth.

  • Home sweet new home. Congratulations!