September 01, 2020

Planet Friendly Packaging at Minny & Paul

It’s more important than ever for us to stay grounded in our values, and one that we’ve put greater emphasis on is our sustainability. We believe that climate change is a very real and very serious issue our world faces, and want to do our part to reduce our environmental impact.

Like so many individuals, we started making small changes as a collective team over the last few years - swapping to reusable straws, bringing tote bags to the grocery store, buying bulk from Tare Market, refreshing our light bulbs to LED. While it can often feel like these little efforts are insignificant, we know every action adds up. As we made all of these day-to-day adjustments, we also started taking a more critical look at our business processes and immediately identified another area of opportunity for positive change: our packaging.

“We started to look around at all of the bubble wrap and think “this doesn’t line up.” All of our vessels - boxes, Binnys, and crates - are specifically designed to be something you can reuse. We also try to keep our footprint small by working with local vendors and independent businesses. We knew our packaging needed to reflect that same responsibility we felt for the small batch gifts we take so much care and pride in curating.” - Minny & Paul founder, Laura Roos.

The decision to swap these materials was truly a no-brainer, and we also want to make it easy on all of you. Here is how to handle our eco-friendly packaging after you receive your gift:

  1. Reuse your Minny & Paul box, Binny or crate - watch the video below for some creative ways to use them in your home

  2. Recycle your cardboard box, kraft paper, crinkle paper, brown wadding, and tissue

  3. Rinse your packing peanuts - that’s right! These non-toxic, biodegradable wonders dissolve in water, or you can also throw them in your recycling

We hope that these steps make it a cinch, and that this inspires you to also keep up your personal eco-conscious efforts.