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All coffee everything. Start their day off right with energy bars equivalent to a cup of coffee, chocolate coffee granola, a cold brew concentrate, and small-batch-roasted ground coffee.

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Steeped Coffee Pack - BLK & BOLD *SOLD OUT: Swapped with Cold Brew Concentrate (2oz) - Explorer Coffee* + -

Control your caffeine with Explorer's convenient cold brew concentrate. Crafted by award-winning Tastemakers, it's made from organic, Fair-Trade, and specialty-grade coffee beans. It's super concentrated - 10x stronger than a regular coffee - so you can make it any way you want.

Coffee and Latte Energy Chocolate Bars - Kickbar *SOLD OUT: Replaced with Pocket's Chocolates - Lavender Vanilla and Cream & Sugar Latte Bars (2) + -

These treats combine plant-based energy with dark chocolate and crispy quinoa crunch. Equivalent to a cup of coffee, the all-natural bars will give you the convenient boost you need without any added sugar or carbs.

Coffee Pack - Honour Essentials *SOLD OUT: Replaced with Vietnamese Steeped Coffee Pack (2) - Copper Cow Coffee* + -

Made for people on the go who still want to make time for coffee, the Honour Brew Pack is a great way to have your coffee grounds travel with you. Bring it in to work or out to the wilderness. One pack brews four 6-ounce cups of coffee. Perfect for sharing, it features beans sourced directly from farmers in Ethiopia that are small-batch-roasted in Minnesota.

Kickstart Granola - Banner Road Baking Co. + -

Filled with organic oats, seeds, quinoa, and sliced almonds, this granola is accelerated by Askinosie Chocolateยฎ and coffee. It's roasted to a sweet crunch with extra virgin olive oil and tapioca syrup, and packs a flavor-and-nutrient punch to start your day off right.

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