Are you stuck on what to send but want it to be something unique, remembered, and talked about? With treats that are sweet, spicy, and savory, this box covers all the bases.


Onion & Garlic Pretzels - Firestick Pretzels + -

Randy and Becky, the husband and wife team behind this brand, first bonded over their love of trivia. A few years later, the duo began hosting an annual trivia contest. In their quest to create the best experience, the team racked their brains to create the best snack food. After much trial and error, they struck gold with the recipe that would become Firestick pretzels!

Habanero Garlic Hot Sauce - Cry Baby Craig's + -

You can thank a happy accident for this addicting sauce. Former chef Craig Kaiser was sent the wrong peppers so he decided to pickle them and pop them in the fridge. A month later it came time to make a family meal for the staff at his Minnesota restaurant, so he tossed the peppers in a blender and added a few secret ingredients. When the staff went through half a gallon in a week, Craig knew he had something special.

Triple Treat Popcorn - Annie B's *SOLD OUT: Replaced with Sharp Cheddar Popcorn - Annie B's* + -

Back in 1979 in Kellogg, MN, Tom and Carol Bouquet loved making caramels out of their home and realized people couldn’t get enough of them. They have since expanded to include highly addicting popcorn, like this combination of salted white, caramel, and sharp cheddar.

Maple Bacon Onion Spread - Brownwood Farms + -

This brand creates and produces specialty foods in Nelsonville, OH, using the finest ingredients from the Great Lakes region and United States. By starting with a foundation of clean and natural ingredients, like this one from its Brownwood Farms line, Milo's is able to cultivate an array of savory flavors that fit in a jar!

Bold & Spicy Cheesy Sauce - Core & Rind *SOLD OUT: Replaced with Oat Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Spread - FINE & RAW* + -

This plant-based and dairy-free sauce is made with whole, real, plant-based ingredients you can actually pronounce! This blend features a host of tasty spices, including chipotle chili, paprika, black pepper, and turmeric. Use it to create creamy macaroni and cheese, smothered veggies, gooey nachos, or any of your favorite cheesy meals.

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