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Who doesn't like spicy? If you are stuck on what to send but know you want it to be something unique, remembered, and talked about - this is the gift.

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AAPI-owned Female-owned Latinx-owned

Harissa Crackers - Hayden Flour Mill *SOLD OUT: Replaced with Spicy Guac Mix - Sofia’s x Minny & Paul* + -

Hayden Flour Mills’ process of stone milling preserves all the natural oils and nutrients of native grains. The brand's Harissa Crackers feature White Sonora, the oldest wheat variety in North America, and Harissa spice crafted by Brooklyn-based New York Shuk. Harissa is a treasured heirloom spice blend made of sun-dried chili peppers, delicate rose petals, and a special piquant spice blend.

Ghost Honey - Heart Soul Heat + -

Ghost Honey is the new hot sauce! It’s a spicy-hot honey that is bold and flavorful without overpowering your favorite foods. Sustainably harvested in the Midwest, this unique condiment can be used on pizza, veggies, fruits, cheeses, grilled meats, fried chicken, and ice cream.

Spicy Bulgogi - Omsom + -

"Omsom" is a Vietnamese phrase that means "noisy and rambunctious." Vanessa and Kim Pham, the sisters and co-founders behind the brand, embrace this rowdy spirit proudly. Their starters are pantry shortcuts packed with all the sauces, aromatics, and seasonings you need to fire up your fave Asian dishes. The Korean Spicy Bulgogi starter is mouth-wateringly delicious, ready in less than 20, minutes, and makes 2 servings. A KBBQ favorite, it balances sweet, smoky, and spicy, and is perfect on tofu, pork, or chicken.

Original Hot Sauce - Pepper Nectar + -

This Original hot sauce blends fresh red chili peppers, garlic, golden honey, and sweet habanero peppers into a staple sauce. It’s a garlic-forward, pair-all blend with subtle sweetness and heat that creeps. Heat level: 5/10.

Bold & Spicy Cheesy Sauce - Core & Rind + -

This plant-based and dairy-free Cashew Cheesy Sauce is made with whole, real, plant-based ingredients you can actually pronounce! This Bold and Spicy blend features a host of tasty spices, including chipotle chili, paprika, black pepper, and turmeric. Use it to create creamy macaroni and cheese, smothered veggies, gooey nachos, or any of your favorite cheesy meals. Bonus: It pairs perfectly with your new Harissa crackers!

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