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The ultimate collection of products for a little home spa treatment. Enjoy a luxurious and nourishing candlelit soak, then cozy up in the gorgeous Turkish towel and enjoy a decadent caramel (or two).

Female-owned Eco Conscious

Turkish Towel, KISA & Co + -

The most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Use it as a shawl, scarf, wrap, or even throw it over your couch. Bonus: It gets softer with every wash on delicate.

Crushed Salt + Mist 8oz Candle, True Hue + -

Founded in 2016 by local designer Griffin Overbye. Crushed Salt + Mist is the epitome of fresh. Think chartered voyage with sprays of water and waves clapping against ragged stone.

Unwind Moon Mylk Bath Soak, Daughter of the Land + -

Inspired by walks under a clear, starry sky, this luxurious, milky soak has notes of lavender and sandalwood to help you prepare for deep relaxation and sleep. Enjoy the soothing blend and rest easy knowing the packaging is 100% compostable.

Original Caramels, Annie B’s (2) + -

Back in 1979 in Kellogg, MN, Tom and Carol Bouquet loved making caramels out of their home and realized people couldn’t get enough of them. So tasty in fact that they landed on Oprah’s favorite things in 2014.

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