Pasta Night Crate

This quick trip to Italy is a show stopper. This crate includes nourishing comfort food at its best with small batch campanelle pasta, organic extra virgin olive oil, delicious pesto, flavorful chile, and a handcrafted wooden spoon.

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Female-owned AAPI-Owned Eco Friendly

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pineapple Collaborative + -

This olive oil is made in California and is USDA and CCOF certified organic! It’s crafted in collaboration with expert olive oil taster Kathryn Tomajan using organic Arbosana & Koroneiki olives grown by the Ricchiuti family at the ENZO Olive Oil Company.

Bronze Cut Campanelle Pasta, Nicolettos + -

“Campanella” means “little bellflowers” in Italian. The cone-like structure of Nicoletto’s Campanella Pasta is designed to scoop up any sauce pairing for the perfect bite every time! Nicoletto’s pastas are crafted in small batches, meticulously slow dried, and ready to eat in 10-12 minutes.

Pesto, Not Just Co + -

A pesto you can keep tucked in the pantry? Yes! This red pesto, made with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs, is packed full of flavor. Not Just Co. skipped the nuts and cheese but boosted the umami flavor and creamy texture with nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds. Slather on a chicken for roasting, spread on a sandwich, or stir into soup! Gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and plant-based.

Calabrian Chili Pods, Occo + -

Occo Spice makes it a cinch to get a pinch. They package micro-portions of high-quality spices into recyclable aluminum pods, so home chefs can get the exact amount of spice they need to try any recipe. Micro pods equal macro flavor. The Calabrian Chili is salty, bright, and slightly acidic. The subtle heat of this chili feels more like a glow than a burn.

Olive Wood Spoon, Natural OliveWood + -

This natural and sustainable Olive Wood Spoon is made to stir and mix sauces, stews, soups, and gravy. It is safe both on non-stick surfaces and stainless steel. Olive wood is nonporous by nature, so no germs or odors are retained. It is also naturally heat resistant due to its oily characteristics.


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