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Consult with Minny & Paul Founder, Laura Roos

Laura is overflowing with ideas to creatively shake things up in your business. Wherever you are in your business journey, it is a privilege to meet you exactly where you are to help solve your biggest challenges.

Laura works one-on-one consulting small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to coach their ideas into reality.

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Why Laura can help

Minny & Paul started as just an idea for Laura Roos in April of 2016. Once the concept hit, the first Minny & Paul gift was ready that June and the company officially launched by August.

Bringing ideas into action is Laura’s biggest joy. She knows the process, who to connect with and the drive it takes to make it happen.

Connect - Plan - Execute

What’s my first move? Who should I be connecting with? How do I make the right hire? Where do I spend my money? How can I keep up with this demand? So many questions can lead to inaction.

Laura will help get your game plan organized and connect you with the community you need. And most importantly, help you execute - fast.

Here's how it works:

Get in touch:

Tell Laura more about you, your idea or business and your biggest challenges. Fill out contact form here to get started. Initial 30 minute consultation is free.


Laura will come to your first session ready to meet you exactly where you are at.

Local clients in the Twin Cities meet in person, Skype consulting available for non-local clients

Customized game plan:

Laura will tailor a step-by-step action plan to tackle your biggest challenges facing your business.

Ongoing support:

Results take time and accountability - Laura offers continued coaching and consulting to achieve your goals.