Everyday MVP

An "Everyday MVP" is someone in your community, neighborhood, at your school, work or even in your friend group or family who consistently commits acts of kindness, lends a hand when someone is in need, or goes above and beyond to do good. They never ask for anything in return and simply care about the well being of others. Their actions and words make your life better and it's time we give them a little bit a love in return.

Every month, you can nominate an everyday MVP and tell us why you think they deserve recognition. At the end of the month, we'll select one person who we think is the most deserving, send them an M&P gift and a hand written message explaining why they're an "Everyday MVP." We will read through each and every entry and are grateful for all of your submissions. 

Please fill out the form below to nominate your "Everyday MVP"! Email us at hello@minnyandpaul.com with any questions.


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