Nominate an “Everyday MVP”

who is an everyday mvp?

Think of that person in your neighborhood, in your community who is making a difference. Who’s kindness, positivity, generosity, and empathy overflows. Yet, this person isn’t the famous. They aren’t in the newspaper, president of a large company, in politics or a social media rockstar. No, this individual is without much recognition. They live their benevolent lives shoveling your driveways, raising money, opening their homes, fighting for social justice, making the world a better place because they want to. And they never expect anything in return. They are our Everyday MVPs.

WHy “Everyday” MVP?

Everyday MVP are the types of people that don’t ask to be thanked or celebrated for their work or actions - we are here to change that.

To show our Everyday MVPS just how impactful their work is in the community, we’re starting a new program called “The Everyday MVP.” Each month, you can nominate a standout individual in your community and let us know why you think they embody the Everyday MVP spirit.

We will select one individual each month to receive the Everyday MVP award. The individual will received a personalized crate packed with local goods sent straight to their home or work. Upon selection, we will work with you directly to help with the surprise to make it extra special including sending a hand-written note with your reasons for nominations, sharing your words on our social channel and an option to send a video to your MVP.


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