Meet the Makers of Minny & Paul




Louisa Podlich, founder of A MANO, which means ‘by hand,’ hand makes each and every one of her pieces of small decorative functional pottery. As a one-woman show, Louisa lets no detail go unnoticed and we love everything that comes out of her studio (especially the ring dish!).

Found in M&P: BFF, Good Vibes, Lady Boss  // Ring dish, spirit rocks




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annie B’s


Back in 1979 in Kellogg, MN Tom and Carol Bouquet loved making caramels out of their home and realized people couldn’t get enough of them. Their caramels are slow-cooked in large copper kettles, ensuring that every batch is buttery and delicious. So delicious in fact that they landed on Oprah’s favorite things in 2014.

Found in M&P: Pamper + Treat // Original caramels, original caramel popcorn




Owned by twin sisters Ashley and Jamie, Arlee Park is a curated vintage shop that offers nostalgic, modern home goods, a collection of handpicked clothing, jewelry and handmade brass pieces. Their mission is to show how vintage can coexist with modern elements in an array of spaces.

Found in M&P: Good Vibes // Hand hammered brass dish




Founder Hannah Follis is a chemist by trade and wanted to create a beauty line of vegan and cruelty free products made in small batches, handcrafted in their own laboratory. Their high-quality luxurious products are made with only the finest ingredients so you can trust them on your body.

Found in M&P: Dapper // Very manly solid cologne


Ashley Mary


Ashley Mary’s work isn’t restricted to one particular medium - this creative boss does it all. She paints, illustrates, designs and has recently been dabbling with fabric design. Her style is known for its vibrant colors, balance of abstract shapes, and overall positivity. We share a studio space with Ashley in the Northrup King Building so we get to stare at her beautiful artwork all day long!

Found in M&P: Yin, Yang // Rainbow enamel pin, noodle enamel pin



GOLDEFINE Jewelry stretches the boundaries of innovative design in order to create versatility in fashion-forward, yet timeless adornments. The Goldfine Jewelry handcrafted collections are built on a mission to create the highest quality pieces, designed with passion and incredible attention to detail.

Found in M&P: Girlfriend // Jones bracelet


honor essentials

A fortuitous journey to an adventurous Costa Rican terrain led the Poling brothers to discover ingredients and a mindset where slowing down to enjoy life’s simple pleasures takes priority. Thus, HONOUR skin, shave and coffee essentials were born—for all to share and enjoy.

Found in M&P: Dapper, Fuel / Coffee & skin essentials



What started in their basement back in 1999 has become an iconic local brand here in Minnesota. Husband and wife Kent and Lee Begnaud are the founders of Leather Works Minnesota and they hand craft each and every product from their adorable shop in Lowertown, St. Paul.

Found in M&P: Rustic // Coasters


Our Partners 

We work with some very talented Minnesota makers and brands.
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