Meet the Maker's of Minny & Paul


Never ones to underestimate the value of a good morning ritual, brothers Jerad and Matt Poling couldn’t help but feel that something was missing from theirs. They envisioned a simple and intentional way of awakening that would make one look and feel genuinely good. 

A fortuitous journey to an adventurous Costa Rican terrain led the brothers to discover ingredients and a mindset where slowing down to enjoy life’s simple pleasures takes priority. Thus, HONOUR skin, shave and coffee essentials were born—for all to share and enjoy.

 Goldfine Jewelry

Goldfine Jewelry

Sara Goldfine stretches the boundaries of innovative design in order to create versatility in fashion-forward, yet timeless adornments.  The Goldfine Jewelry handcrafted collections are built on a mission to create the highest quality pieces, designed with passion and incredible attention to detail.  

Printerette Press is a design studio and letterpress print shop in Minneapolis. They specialize in the hand-touched; their artwork is hand-painted and hand-lettered and then hand-printed on hundred-year-old presses with hand-mixed inks. And so, when finished each Printerette piece has been lovingly handmade.