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An Everyday MVP shovels your driveway, raises money, opens up their home, fights for social justice, stands up for someone or something just because it’s right. They make the world a better place expecting nothing in return. They are the type of people that don’t ask to be thanked or celebrated for their work or actions - we are here to thank them.

Every month, our team will select someone for the Everyday MVP award. We are eager to learn about the rock stars in your community and we promise to read and honor each and every nomination. Each month we will award an Everyday MVP with a custom curated crate packed with local goods they will love sent straight to their home or work. We will work with you (the super rad person nominating,) to ensure we create the perfect gift that will make them feel seen and loved.

For the month of August, our theme for Everyday MVP is animal lovers! Think of your go-to dog walker, friend who is always volunteers at for rescue organizations or that person in your life who is always down to watch your little pup, kitten, bunny or iguana when you’re out of town. We want to know about them!


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