Crush Your Marketing Goals with Gifting

Done strategically, business gift baskets become an investment that improves customer and employee retention and reduces your overall churn rate.

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Our Experience

For the past six years, we have been living and breathing corporate gift baskets. In 2016, our founder Laura Roos launched Minny & Paul out of her duplex. What started in a single room is now operating out of a 7,500-square-foot warehouse. Thanks to these years of experience, we've developed the expertise to make your gifting initiative as high impact as possible. We have worked with clients across all industries, including General Mills, Best Buy, The Smithsonian, Target, the NCAA, Squarespace, and many more.

One Gift, 7 Small Business Owners' Dreams Supported

We are proud to source exclusively from small, independently owned businesses. This means your single gift not only brightens your potential client's day, but also the artisan’s whose dream you’re supporting. We have been sourcing products from small brands for six years, and we understand the complexities (and huge benefits) of supporting indie makers with high-volume gifting. We've proven that partnering with small businesses is a win-win for everyone. Our vendor roster of more than 200 small businesses (and growing) allows us to craft the perfect gift for your specific needs every time.

How It Works

We have three easy ways to send corporate gifts with us:

1. Online shop: Leverage our over 30 pre-designed gifts with no minimums. Order on-demand as needed and create an account with us to track and organize all of your orders. Each gift includes a complimentary handwritten note. Once you place the order online, your gift will ship within 1-3 business days.

2. Online Shop with Branded Touch: With at least 25 units, this option allows you to add branding packaging to our top selling pre-designed gifts. You can select from any online shop gift box and add your logo to various packaging elements. This option includes a complimentary branded card and dedicated project manager. Once any design elements are approved, your gifts will be ready in 2-3 weeks. For the Online Shop with Branded Touch option, get started here by filling out this form.

3. Fully Custom Order: This is our highest-touch level of gifting. If you want to include branding on products with specific colors or themes in mind, this is the right path for you. We have a $4,000 project minimum. This includes a completely custom gift design with various options and iterations as well as a dedicated project manager. Once any design elements are approved, your gifts will be ready in 2-5 weeks. For the Fully Custom option, get started here by filling out this form.

What our Clients are saying

“The attention to detail from Minny & Paul is unparalleled. From the initial inquiry to the final packing and shipping experience, each aspect of the process is handled with professionalism and first-rate customer service. Every time I work with this team, I get all of my questions answered thoroughly and quickly, and I end up with solutions that exceed my expectations while meeting my budget. We may be in a pandemic, but Minny & Paul makes my job so much easier. They are a rare find in the gift marketplace.”


We have received an almost ridiculous amount of praise for the thoughtfulness and quality of the gifts from our clients and partners. Everything from the tree planting to female owned businesses to how great the snacks and treats are have been commented on. I look forward to working with Minny & Paul again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this going to cost me?+-

You've got options! We have various gift boxes in our online shop that are ready to ship - these range in price from $34-$175. For Fully Custom orders, we have a $4,000 overall project minimum. Our most common corporate gift prices we see are $50, $75 or $100. We also see $150-$250 as a common price range for VIP clients.

Can I customize my gift message or include a personalized message?+-

Any business gift order of 25+ units receives a custom card complimentary that includes your company's logo and a custom phrase of your choice. For orders under 25 units, our online shop includes a complimentary handwritten card with a message of 150 characters.

What are your gift minimums?+-

For a fully custom corporate gift order, we have a $4,000 overall budget minimum. Not you? Not to worry. You can leverage our "Online Shop with Branded Touch" option for 25 units or more. This option allows you to brand packaging elements. Lastly, our Online Shop has no minimums. The downside? No branding.

What is your gift lead time?+-

Online Shop (Ready-to-Ship Gift Collection): Once you place your order online, please allow 1-3 business days for processing plus transit time. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect your gift to arrive within a week of placing your gift order. Online Shop with Branded Touch: 2-3 weeks from contract signing. Fully Custom: 3-5 weeks from contact signing depending on branded elements included. For details on each of these options, see above to the first FAQ question.

Do you have an option where I can order a bunch of corporate gift boxes/baskets at once and you ship them out when I want?+-

Yes! We offer retainer based gifting for our business clients. We ship gifts on-demand as needed. When you submit a request with the shipping address(s), we ship the gift(s) within 1-3 business days. We offer 3 month, 6 month and 12 month contracts. Reach out to to learn more!

How are your gift boxes different than the traditional gourmet gift baskets I see from Harry & David?+-

We love a wine gift basket or fresh fruit gift tower like the rest of them, but to break through the noise - a Minny & Paul corporate gift will stand out. Not only because everything inside the gift is from small makers you can feel proud to support, but because the packaging is elevated and eco-friendly. Clients have seen it all, they are looking for something unique that will truly make them feel appreciated.

Do you ship gifts internationally?+-

Yes indeed!

Can I leverage your studio pick up for larger gifts/volume gifting or corporate gift baskets?+-

Yes, indeed! If you are local to the Twin Cities continue on ;) Orders of 12 or fewer gifts will be available for studio pick up Monday-Thursday from 9:30 AM-4:30 PM. Allow two business days for pick up. For example, if you place the order on Monday, your gift will be ready by 9:30 AM on Wednesday (but possibly sooner!). You will receive an email once it is ready. Orders with more than 12 units are subject to a one-week minimum turnaround. A team member will contact you via email or phone should your business gift baskets need additional time for processing.

Does the title of the gift box or gift basket go anywhere on or in the box?+-

If you are shopping for business gifts from our online shop, the gift box name is included on the packing slip.

Do you include receipts in the packaging?+-

No way! We don't want to spoil the gift of course. As the gift giver, you will receive an email confirmation for orders placed online that can serve as a receipt. If you need something additional, please email us at For business and custom gifts, you will have a copy of the invoice.

Can I send gift baskets for clients to multiple addresses?+-

Absolutely! If you are using our online shop, our "Multi Ship" tool at checkout makes it easy to send multiple gifts to various addresses. If you are ordering more than 25 units with our Online Shop with Branded Touch option, we will email you a .csv file to use as a template for your addresses. We will also provide you with the address template for Fully Custom orders. If you have any questions, you can always email us at

What if our recipient has an allergy or another concern?+-

We are happy to accommodate any allergy concerns for your gift recipients. Simply let your gift design expert know during the consult phase.

What happens to a delivery when the recipient isn't there to receive it?+-

If the recipient is not available to receive their delivery, the gift will be left at the delivery location. Minny & Paul cannot be held liable for theft or damage of the gift, if the intended recipient is unavailable to receive their delivery.