Coffee Lover

Treat the coffee lover in your life to this energizing bundle of caffeinated bliss. It features everything from edible coffee to a cow-print moka pot (what we have now dubbed the "Moo-ka Pot"). 

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Moka Pot - Couplet Coffee + -

This cottagecore-inspired moka pot is the cutest you'll find anywhere. Decorated with cow spots and infused with good vibes, the "Moo-ka Pot," as we like to call it, has everything you need to make an udder-ly delicious cup of coffee.

Lavender Vanilla Latte Bars (2) - Pocket's Chocolates + -

The first true coffee chocolate that's 100% fueled by real caffeine from real coffee. The brand's coffee bars have a smooth caffeine buzz that keeps you sharp throughout the day, without the jitters or crashes that come with other synthetically caffeinated products. Pocket Latte’s Lavender Vanilla bar is crafted with medium-dark roast coffee infused with notes of French vanilla and lavender flowers. The Cream & Sugar bar combines everything you love about a rich, medium-roast coffee, with a silky-smooth blend designed for mocha lovers.

Plus One Coffee Blend (12oz) - The Get Down Coffee Co. + -

Named after the first female rap emcee and "Mother of the Mic," Sha-Rock debuted in the 1970s hip-hop scene with the Funky 4. Together they were known as the Funky 4 + 1. This Plus One espresso blend is perfect for moka pot brewing. It has a rich, velvety texture without any over-roasted bitterness.

Vietnamese Steeped Coffee Pack - Copper Cow Coffee *SOLD OUT: Replaced with The Estate Traveler Pack (2oz) - Twin Engine Coffee* + -

If you’ve never tried Vietnamese coffee, get ready to experience a caffeine-packed explosion of flavor from the unsung heroes of the coffee world. Copper Cow’s signature rockstar blend combines caffeine-packed robusta and arabica for an authentic, crazy-delicious brew.

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