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For the coffee and tea lovers in your life! Basically everyone, right? Impress your clients, in-laws, or new employees.

Woman-owned Gives back Eco-conscious

Hand Thrown Mugs (2) - Deneen Pottery + -

This second-generation family business in St. Paul, MN, is best known for its medallion mugs and serves thousands of businesses nationwide. Each item is handmade, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Our medallion was inspired by a vintage map and details the intersection of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Up North Tea Blend - Well Rooted Teas + -

Hand-crafted with herbs from local organic farmers combined with wildcrafted native botanicals, the Up North blend combines pine, maple, and spearmint.

Tea Bags (10-Pack) - Well Rooted Teas + -

The hand-stamped glassine bags hold single-use, compostable, unbleached tea bags. Simply add two teaspoons of tea to the bag, pull it shut with the drawstring closure, and drop it into your cup of hot water.

Local Honey - Forager Bee Honey + -

This 'Raw US Grade A' wildflower honey is from bees who forage and collect nectar from native flowers, blossoms, and clover in the Minnesota River Valley near the Seminary Fen east of Chaska, MN. Bonus: 5% of proceeds are donated to the University of Minnesota Bee Lab.

Mini Honeycomb Dipper - Bare Honey + -

Skip the mess and use your adorable new wooden dipper for a little sweetness.

Colombia Roast Coffee Beans (12oz) - SK Coffee *SOLD OUT: Replaced with Plus One Coffee Blend (12oz) - The Get Down Coffee Co.* + -

Trained as a professional musician, Sam Kjellberg’s roasting obsession started at home on his stove with only a Jiffy Pop popcorn roaster before he upgraded to a 500-pound roasting machine.


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