May 12, 2019

The Case for Client Gifting Outside of the Holiday Season

Q4 hits and the scramble to plan and execute your company’s holiday gifts implodes. We at Minny & Paul know this all too well. As an expert in client gifting (especially during the holiday season,) we see many businesses send out their gifts between mid November and December. While holiday gifts fit well within the winter traditions, we want to make the case that gifts outside of the holiday season can actually create a more significant impact on your clients - improving ROI and strengthening the relationship throughout the entire year.

1) You’re not competing with others

A majority of our corporate gifting falls during the holiday season, meaning when you send out your client gifts, it's likely that company x, y, and z had the same idea. Because of this high volume of gifts, yours will probably end up next to 5-10 others, getting lost in the shuffle and forgotten in the break room.

While sending in say April or August may feel random, most companies aren't sending during this time, so you won't have to compete with others for attention. Plus, it's usually a delightful surprise for the receiver, making the experience all the more memorable. This leads me to our next point.

2) An impactful surprise

If your clients are used to receiving something during the holidays, they probably won't be on the lookout for something in the "off-season.” How impactful would it be for a unique, thoughtful gift to arrive at their door when they least expect it? When we gift outside of a "reason" (i.e. the holidays,) it shows we really care. This kind of gesture sticks with people.

Not sure what kind of messaging to use outside of the holidays? If you're used to the traditional "Happy Holidays" card, think about why you're sending something in the first place - is it to thank them for their partnership? Simply just because? Show them gratitude? Tailor your messaging around these words instead! We can even create a custom insert that's branded with your company logo and your own message so it has that special touch.

New Years Gifts from Field Nation

New Years Gifts from Field Nation

3) Think Outside of the box

When gifting outside of the holiday season, it’s important your gift still feels intentional. Spring feeling too random or off brand? Ease into a new gifting schedule by sending New Years gifts! Reconnect with your clients after a long holiday break and inspire them for the new year ahead. Plus, we all know it can be tough getting back into the swing of things post holiday breaks - ease your clients transition with a little pick me up gift.

4) More time, less stress

We all know the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year - holiday parties, family gatherings, work deadlines, extra shopping. Throwing a company gifting project into the mix tends to feel like an added stress instead of a reflection on the gratitude for your clients and team members. What if you already tackled your gifts - checked them off in July or September? Our goal is to help give you more time to enjoy the important part of the holiday season.

Holiday gifts can be a hit and a really thoughtful gesture during a fun time of year - but when you’re competing with many others and are juggling other a myriad of other holiday to-dos, planning your company gifts can be stressful. By checking it off earlier in the year or post the holiday craze, you’ll likely save time, money and most importantly, stand out to the people who help your business thrive.

Ready to take a leap and gift outside of the normal time frame? Learn more about our gifting process below or get in touch at to get your custom project started.