July 24, 2019

How To Thank Your Summer Host: Weekend Getaways, BBQs and more!

To us, summer means more time spent with friends, family and loved ones. Countless BBQs, weekend cabin trips, get togethers with pals, dinner parties, family outings and more; the list of summer socials is endless. It seems we all have a common consensus that in the summer, work can take a back seat for these special gatherings (okay maybe passenger seat with a phone on vibrate at the ready just in case).

And if you’re anything like us, you feel foolish if you come empty handed to a party. It’s common courtesy to bring something OR send a post-party thank you. But, depending upon the person and the event, it can be tricky knowing what to get.

As experts in gifting, we know a thing or two about when and what to bring or send. We’ve got gifts for all occasions, budgets, and people - see a few of our go-to giftables for all your summertime sociables below.

Our go-to’s for impromptu gatherings like a backyard BBQ, couples dinner or girls night include the tangerine and olive candle from True Hue, a bottle of wine, or your signature dish you can’t wait to show off. Lately, I’ve been bringing this fried burrata and baguette dish from the Pretty Dish book mainly because it is oh so simple but gets me huge points. I was even asked by my brother’s friend if I was a chef! Fried cheese will do that ;)

For cabin weekends or bigger celebrations, sending a more thoughtful gift after the trip or event is a great way to show your gratitude to the hardworking host. Pro tip: a great way to send a high-quality, thoughtful gift without breaking the bank is to go in on the gift with siblings or pals also attending the event. Check out a few of our favorites below!

HOME - for the homebody, interior design expert, dinner party extraordinaire

TREAT - for the foodie, adventurous eater, hot sauce lover

RUSTIC - for the hardcore Midwesterner, outdoor lover

PAMPER - for the hardworking host, mama of many

How do you treat your summer time hosts? Any creative ideas we should know about? Shoot us a message at hello@minnyandpaul.com!