March 24, 2021

Cup of Positivi-Tea

It goes without saying that 2020 was tough. We never dreamt that we would watch the entire world flip upside down, with every facet of daily life impacted. While the effects of the pandemic were felt by everyone, the year definitely hit harder for some including our wonderful partner, Rachel Banken, of Well Rooted Teas. Rachel experienced a house fire on December 10th, destroying much of her products and business supplies. Though she expressed gratitude that she and her family were unharmed, we can only imagine the pain and heartbreak she must have felt. Amidst such a tumultuous year, it seems unthinkable to then experience a personal tragedy that will leave her family in VRBOs for 6-12 months as they navigate repairs and restoration.

Gratitude for Attitude

To our surprise, the most unexpected part of Rachel’s story isn’t the fire, it’s her infectious positivity. Most people would be rightfully angry in her situation, and while Rachel has shared on Instagram that she certainly has her moments of darkness, she continues to find the silver lining and push forward with optimism. We are so grateful to have a partner who not only pours her heart into creating her delightful products, but also inspires us to reflect on our own attitudes and approach to life. A positive outlook doesn’t mean you can’t get mad, upset, or bitter, it simply means that you choose to always move past those emotions and focus on the good. Rachel has been through hell (and then some) and still finds a way to be a kind note in our email inbox or an uplifting social media post about her progress towards getting back to full operation.

Well Rooted Beginnings

Rachel launched Well Rooted Teas to fuse her passion for nature and wellness. Raised by two parents who grew up on farms, she quickly found a preference for spending her time getting her hands dirty nurturing plants. They also instilled a deep respect for community, which manifested into a career in public health and volunteer experience with the Peace Corps in Guinea. After witnessing first-hand a culture that centers the collective over individuals, she felt inspired to harness her health education and love of plants to bring healing tea blends to market.

Beauty In the Blend

Well Rooted Tea loose leaf blends are crafted using locally-sourced botanicals native to the Midwest. By partnering with Minnesota and Wisconsin farms that employ sustainable farming practices, they ensure that their blends are not only restorative to their customers, but respectful of the environment. All of their herbs, roots, leaves, fruits, and berries are foraged with responsible practices and without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs.

Help us spread the love for Well Rooted Teas by following their brand on Instagram! Rachel is working to get back to full capacity, so be sure to check back on our Coffee + Tea Crate, Thinking Of You and Calm gift boxes soon for once we have her blends back in stock!

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