Good Vibes

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Good Vibes


Send an unexpected dose of good vibes to your people or treat yourself. 

Available in a Binny or Box and includes:

  • Arlee Park - Brass Dish

  • Arlee Park - Palo Santo Incense Cones (2)

  • A MANO - 1 Surprise Spirit Rock

  • LuLu Organics - Calming Balm

  • Redcruiser - Feather greeting card

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Arlee Park - Brass Dish
This dainty brass dish handcrafted by Arlee Park, is the perfect vessel to store your favorite jewelry or burn your new palo santo incense cone

Arlee Park - Palo Santo Incense Cones (2)
Feeling stressed? Strike a match and light up your new incense cone to promote relaxation and positive vibes. We recommend holding the cone over a flame until lit - it typically will burn out itself but you can also blow on it to lessen the flame.

A MANO - 1 Surprise Spirit Rock
These miniature clay sculptures can live on your desk or nightstand - to decorate a space or simply bring a smile to your face. Also adorable on your new Arlee Park brass dish!

LuLu Organics - Calming Balm
Made with lavender and clary sage, apply this calming balm to your temples or wrists before yoga or bed to bring you peace and clarity.

Redcruiser - Feather greeting card


byrd + belle - The Binny
We teamed up with byrd & belle to create a new storage container for our curated gifts. Founder Angie Davis works mostly with wool felt and is best known for their sleek wool covers and cases for iPhones, iPad, MacBook and Kindles - and of course, their adorable wooly dumplings. This new bin features a Leather Works MN hook for hanging, a brass button, and an M&P enamel pin. The M&P enamel pin can be removed and added to your for your backpack or jacket.

WAAM Industries - Birch wood box
This husband and wife team are the creative forces behind our custom made birch wood boxes. Andrew & Hanna work together to design and create products in lumber and textile. Your new box is stackable and perfect for storing keepsakes and treasures. Since we probably love our logo more than you do, you can always flip over the lid to conceal it.


Note: Each Binny or box comes with a handwritten custom gift message on the card - fill out yours at checkout! 

Multiple Recipients: If you are purchasing multiple and sending to different locations all those details are ready for you at checkout. 

Shipping: Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.